Featuring our new custom hearing conservation program!

Exclusive in-house custom 3D printed earmolds in as little as one day.

– Earmolds are comfortable and made to fit any ear
– Earmolds are specifically made for you.
– Earmolds can attach to any earbud, insert headphones by any manufacturer.
– Earmolds and ear plugs offer hearing protection and a comfortable fit.

Hearing protection like earmolds and ear plugs are used for purposes such as industrial noise, music, concerts, sleep, recreational noise, hunting, shooting. With the addition of specialized passive filters incorporated into the molds, you can maximize attenuation for unwanted noises, but maintain speech understanding and clarity.

Preserve one of your best assets – your hearing

Earlids™ are 3D printed, biocompatible custom-made hearing protection made by Doctors of Audiology at Preferred Audiology Care in Camillus for your hearing safety. Each earmold is custom fit to each ear for comfort and are custom made for different purposes such as:

– Industrial noise
– Hunting
– Shooting
– Mowing
– Concerts
– Playing music
– Earbuds
– Motorsports
– Sleep
– We also make custom made swim molds.

Our Earlids™ 3D printed earmolds come in all shapes, sizes, and colors or your choice. We can even add glitter.

Earlids™ can attenuate up to 29 dB NRR or less depending on your needs. You can also select filtered plugs that attenuate different amounts of impulse noise to allow speech sounds until gunfire.

Preferred Audiology Care is the first Audiology private practice in the US to be able to create these custom earmolds with a total production time of 4 hours in house.

Contact us today to learn more about getting your own custom earmolds and ear plugs.

Earlids™ Filtered

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Earlids™ Ear Molds

Earlids™ Sleep

Earlids™ Concert

Earlids™ Earphone

Earlids™ Earphone

Earlids™ Digital Noise Suppression

Earlids™ Pediatric Hearing Aid Earmolds

Earlids™ Sleep

Earlids™ Concert

Earlids™ Complete

Earlids™ Hunter Passive

Learn more about custom hearing protection today.


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